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Naples (3)

Orange trees in downtown Naples

After leaving the Galleria Umberto I, we walked toward the Giardini Publicci or Public Gardens, passing an orange tree along the way.

Bridge with padlocks in Naples

We encountered a bridge with the inevitable love padlocks that have been a craze in Italy since 2006, when Federico Moccia popularized the idea of engraved locks for lovers in two novels that inspired a romantic movie: Tre Metri Sopra il Cielo (Three Meters Over Heaven) and Ho Voglio di Te (I Want You).

Dogs in Naples

Naples dogs

In a mini-park near the Giardini Publicci, we saw a group of people with dogs. Some of the humans (and dogs) might have been homeless, but in any case, it was clear that the dogs were well-fed and were enjoying the sunny October day.

Sign in Naples park

Not everyone was happy with the consequences of the doggie invasion: Somebody had erected a sign that said "This little garden isn't a toilet."

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