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Naples (6)

Castel Sant'Elmo Naples

The Castel Sant'Elmo was a 10- or 15-minute walk from the Funicolare Centrale's Piazza Fuga station.

Castel Sant'Elmo walls

The massive fortress was begun in 1329 A.D. and completed in 1343. It was intended to protect Naples from invasions by sea, and it has withstood repeated attacks and sieges over the centuries.

(According to the Bonechi Gold Guide, the German Army had planned to blow up the castle when retreating from the city during World War II, changing their minds only at the last minute.) 

Elevator to Castle Sant'Elmo

We bought a ticket in the booth outside the castle and crossed the road to the elevator, which was at the end of a short tunnel within the walls.

Castle Sant'Elmo artwork

Sculpture on Castle Sant'Elmo wall

Novecento a Napoli - 1910-1980

When we left the elevator, we found a wide paved area with scultures and a modern-art museum titled "Novecento a Napoli (1910-1980)."

Toilets (WCs) at Castle Sant'Elmo

Clean toilets were a modern addition to the ancient defensive fortress.

Vesuvius from Castle Sant'Elmo Naples

Capri from Castel Sant'Elmo

Although we spent about half an hour in the art museum and made use of the lavatories, we'd come to the Castel Sant'Elmo for views of Naples, Mt. Vesuvius, and Capri--and there were plenty of views to enjoy.

St. Elmo Castle - Naples

Stazione Marittima Naples

In these photos, you can see the Stazione Marittima in central Naples, with Cunard's Queen Victoria on the left and our ship, Costa Magica, on the right.

The bell tower or campanile in the foreground belongs to the Church of Sant'Elmo, which dates to the 16th Century.

Naples Film Festival hall

When we'd had our fill of the views and high winds on top of the castle, we took the elevator back down and checked out the ground level, where we found the headquarters and auditorium of the Napoli Film Festival within the castle's walls.

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