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Naples (7)

Car in Naples with antitheft steering-wheel lock

After touring Castel Sant'Elmo, we returned to the neighborhood streets, where we saw a number of cars with Blindosterz antitheft locks on their steering wheels. The clamshell devices were an obvious deterrent to thieves (although, if we had one, we'd be sure to stow it in the trunk while driving, since no driver wants to be hit by a steel flying saucer after a sudden stop).

Funicolare di Montesanto train in Montesanto Station, Naples

Deterred from stealing a car, we found our way to the Morghen station of the Funicolare di Montesanto, the oldest of the city's funicular lines.

The Montesanto line entered service in 1891. In 2005, it reopened after 20 years of renovation, with modern trains and a capacity of 6,000 passengers per hour in each direction.

Morghen station on Foniculare di Montesanto line, Naples

It took only four and a half minutes to get from the hilltop station of Morghen to the Montesanto station downtown. The latter station was modern, with a bright interior:

Funicolare di Montesanto train in Piazza Montesanto station

Downtown street in Naples near the Piazza Montesanto

The area immediately below the Piazza Montesanto had a definite "Old Naples" feel, with narrow streets and laundry hanging from clotheslines overhead. in Naples

Still, the area wasn't without its 21st Century touches, such as the "" domain name on a local döner kebabi shop.

Naples McDonald's

As we left the neighborhood for the commercial district, we ran across a McDonald's (one of more than half a dozen in the city where Pizza Margherita was invented).

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