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Palma de Mallorca (3)

Downtown Palma de Mallorca

Although the city and suburbs of Palma de Mallorca run for miles along the coast, the historic center is quite small. It's also a pleasant place for walking, with many streets and squares that have been closed off to vehicle traffic.

Narrow street in Palma de Mallorca

Many of the narrow downtown streets are lined with old buildings that have stone or stucco façades and traditional wooden shutters.

Arcade in Palma de Mallorca

We liked this small but elegant shopping and office arcade, which we discovered by accident as we explored Palma's city center.

Angel statue in Palma de Mallorca

An angel statue caught our eye outside a "Springfield Woman" shop. (Marge Simpson, take note.)

Paella restaurant in Palma de Mallorca

If we'd been hungry, we could have ordered paella, a Catalan specialty, at any number of cafés and restaurants.

Dogs in Palma de Mallorca

But we weren't hungry, so we satisfied our appetite for snapping pet photos. (We noticed that dogs are popular fashion accessories in Palma's central shopping district.)

Horse-drawn carriage in Palma de Mallorca

Horse and carriage in Palma de Mallorca

Horses are also fixtures in downtown Palma--though as beasts of burden, not as pets or surrogates for Hermès scarves.

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