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Savona (6)

Directional signs to Savona cruise port

We returned to the harbor from the western edge of the town center, near the Fortezza del Priamar. Costa's importance to the Port of Savona was shown by a signpost: The lower sign gave directions to "Costa Crociere," a.k.a. "Costa Cruises."

Savona apartment building in harbor quarter

A curved apartment building faced the harbor. (We didn't see any signs of life as we passed by, however.)

Torre del Brandale

Savona's redeveloped harbor quarter was an impressive sight, with marinas and a blend of old and modern buildings. Across the boat basin, from an area called the Antica Darsena or Old Dock, we could see the Torre del Brandale, which was built in the 12th Century. The tower is flanked by two medieval towers and remnants of Savona's earliest city walls.

Warning sign on Savona's Antica Darsena or Old Dock

A street sign warned tipsy or careless pedestrians not to fall in the water.

Park bench in Savona

We noticed several park benches in yellow-and-blue Costa livery. (Nearby, locals and tourists were enjoying drinks at outdoor café tables.)

Costa Magica funnel from Antica Darsena, Savona

Glass skyscraper in Savona, Italy

Costa Magica was visible down the street, just beyond Savona's modern cruise terminal (the building on the right in the upper photo) and the attractive glass skyscraper that we'd seen earlier from the ship.

Costa Magica at Antica Darsena, Savona

Before getting back on the ship, we grabbed a final shot of Costa Magica from the Old Dock.

Savona Cruise Terminal interior

We passed through the Savona Cruise Terminal on our way to Costa Magica. The interior was pleasant, with a café, comfortable seating areas, and large windows that offered sunlight and ship views.

Savona departure on COSTA MAGICA

Savona pilot boat

Costa Magica left the pier at 5 p.m., and within minutes, we were passing the breakwater and watching the pilot boat return to port as we cruised toward Civitavecchia.

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