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Sports deck

ABOVE: Passengers play ball by the funnel at the Sports Court on Deck 12.

Other amenities

Even on port-intensive itineraries, some passengers would rather stay aboard the ship than experience life on shore. Other passengers get restless during sea days. If you fall under either heading, you'll find plenty of ways to keep busy on Costa Magica.

Soccer on Costa Magica's Sports CourtThe Sports Court on Deck 12 is used for organized activities, but much of the time, passengers can take it over for private pursuits. We saw a father and his two sons playing football (soccer), for example, and the Sports Court is also equipped for volleyball and basketball.

water slide on Costa MagicaThe Water Slide isn't limited to children: Anyone can take the plunge when the slide is operating, and we saw a middle-aged lady taking her turn with the kids.

Costa Magica Fitness CentreCosta Magica has a Fitness Center on Deck 11 with all the usual machines; the services of a personal trainer are optional. You'll also find a small Jogging Track outside.

Pool and hot tubs on Costa MagicaIf your tastes run to passive muscle-toning, you can book a massage or other treatment in the Club Salute Saturnia Spa. (Costa Magica also has a Beauty Parlor where you can get your 'do redone after a spell in the Sauna, Pool, or Hot Tub.)

Internet PC on Costa MagicaThe Internet Point on Deck 4 is open 24 hours a day. You can use the ship's PCs or buy a Wi-Fi package. (Warning: Internet-access packages aren't cheap, and costs for the pay-per-minute plan can add up quickly.)

Chapel on Costa MagicaAnother amenity on Deck 4 is the Roman Catholic Chapel, where mass is celebrated daily at 10:30 a.m. (For Bingo, you'll need to visit the Grand Bar Salento on Deck 5.)

Costa play setCosta Magica also has a good assortment of Shops, ranging from a general ship's store with Costa logo wear, souvenir items, and candy to upscale jewelry boutiques. The shops are on Deck 5, overlooking the Atrium.

Finally, the Bressanone Library is open several hours each day. You can check out books or read newspapers in several languages.

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