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Day 5: Rhine & Koblenz (2)

On the previous page, we showed castles, villages, and other scenery along the Rhine.

With this page, we'll share pictures of river traffic (especially passenger ships) that we saw as Emerald Star cruised from Wiesbaden to Koblenz.

Barge and Viking River Cruises ship

The Rhine is like an acquatic freeway, with ships, barges, and sightseeing boats cruising in both directions.

According to the Central Commission for the Navivation of the Rhine (CCNR), nearly 7,000 commercial vessels use the Rhine, with traffic of about 300 vessels a day at Mainz (where Emerald Star entered the Rhine from the Main).

In the photo above, note the green channel buoy and the illuminated navigation marker on the river's right bank.

The passenger ship Heinrich Heine is operated by to 1AVista Reisen, a German company based in Cologne. We haven't traveled with 1AVista, but we're intrigued by the line's river cruises for dogs and their families. (What could be more German than a holiday with your Hund?)

A-Rosa Brava

We could see the lipstick-red lips beneath the bow of A-Rosa Brava, another German ship, as we cruised past.

(Germans seem to have a thing for kissable vessels: AIDA, the German subsidiary of Costa Cruises, also displays lips on its ships.)

Burg Rheinfels, Sankt Goar

Loreley Elegance, a sightseeing boat of Loreley-Linie, sails on the route Boppard-Loreley-St. Goar-Rüdesheim. Here, the boat is cruising past Burg Rheinfels at St. Goar, a castle ruin that is open to the public.


We heard a toot, and our captain responded with a blast of the ship's horn. The reason: Scenic Jade, a vessel of Emerald's sister line, Scenic Cruises, was about to pass us on its way south from Amsterdam.

SCENIC JADE on Rhine River

SCENIC JADE "Space-Ship" of Scenic cruises

Scenic Jade is the eighth "Space-Ship" in the Scenic fleet. It was built in 2014, the same year that Emerald Star entered service.



Uniworld RIVER EMPRESS on Rhine River


Other ships that we passed included Amadeus Elegant of Lüftner Cruises, Viking Lofn, Stip Reizen's Allegro, Uniworld's River Empress, and Feenstra Rijn Lijn's Rotterdam.

Rhine pilot boat

Passenger vessels weren't the only ships and boats that we saw during our morning on the Middle Rhine: Here, a pilot boat sails heads south on the river. (Official pilots are required on vessels whose captains aren't licensed to operate ships on the Rhine.)

Wheelhouse on EMERALD STAR

We learned that river vessels, including barges, are required to display a blue sign when passing on the starboard (as flipped up on Emerald Star's wheelhouse above).

Rhine water police boat (Wasserpolizei)

Police boats patrolled the river, looking for scofflaws.

Barge with cars on top, Rhine River

The Rhine also had its share of waterborne car traffic.

Pool area on EMERALD STAR

For a while, we went inside and warmed up in the Pool area, which offered nearly unobstructed views of the passing scenery and river traffic.

View of EMERALD STAR from stern platform

EMERALD STAR Maltese pennant

A door led from the Pool area to a platform overlooking Emerald Star's winches and Maltese ensign on the stern. The view was great, and the ship's hull offered shelter from the headwind.

The only problem came when we wanted to go inside: The door had locked behind us, trapping us on our exposed overlook. Fortunately, a lady by the pool heard our knocking on the door and let us in.

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