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From: Emerald Waterways cruise review: Nuremberg-Trier

Day 5: Rhine & Koblenz (3)

Koblenz boat landing

We knew that we were close to our day's destination when Emerald Star passed a Koblenz boat landing on the city's outskirts.

Koblenz KD Rhine Line boat landing

A few minutes later, we rounded a bend and approached the downtown Koblenz waterfront.

Approaching Koblenz waterfront on EMERALD STAR

Our captain spun Emerald Star around, using his remote console on the Sun Deck, while cable cars of the Seilbahn Koblenz crossed the Rhine overhead.

Pier in Koblenz, Germany

In a minute or two, we were snugged against a pontoon along the riverfront promenade.

Ehrenbreitstein Fortress, Koblenz

Across from our mooring, atop cliffs overlooking the Rhine, the Ehrenbreitstein Fortress guarded the city.

Sailors on KD Rhine Line pontoon in Koblenz

Koblenz gangway to waterfront

Sailors from Emerald Star secured the ship to the pontoon, which was attached to the shore by a permanent gangway.

Sailors at Koblenz Flea Market

On shore, the sailors tied Emerald Star's remaining lines to bollards amid the bustle of a flea market.

Koblenz flea market

We had an hour before our scheduled walking tour, so we went ashore and investigated the flea market.

Clothing at Flohmarkt Koblenz

Typewriters at Flohmarkt Koblenz

U.S. license plates at Koblenz, Germany flea market

The city-sponsored Flohmarkt had something for nearly everyone, from clothing to typewriters to secondhand American license plates.

Shoppers at Koblenz flea market

The flea market attracted a wide range of shoppers--everyone from young couples looking for baby clothes to elderly hoarders.

Seilbann Koblenz Talstation

Nearby, just a few meters from our ship, the lower station of the Seilbahn Koblenz (a.k.a. Koblenz Cable Car) attracted a steady stream of customers.

Koblenz Cable Car

The cable car, which opened in 2010, has 18 cabins and can carry 7,600 people per hour in both directions between downtown Koblenz and the Ehrenbreitstein fortress.

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