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From: MSC Eastern Mediterranean Cruise Review

Campanile di San Marco and Piazzetta

Venice departure

The Piazza San Marco is hidden behind the Sansoviniana Library (white colonnaded building at left) and the Piazzetta (the square between the library and the Doge's Palace on the right.

The Campanile di San Marco dominates the San Marco skyline in this photo, which was taken from Deck 14 of MSC Poesia. The bell tower is about 99 meters or 323 feet high. It's a reconstruction of the original 16th Century structure, which developed a crack on one side and collapsed in 1902. (It was also the site of an attempted coup d'etat by a goofy Venetian separatist group in 1997. Police climbed the bell tower with a telescopic ladder and arrested the would-be revolutionaries, who'd reached the campanile in a homemade armored vehicle after hijacking a car ferry.)

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