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MS Nordstjernen vs. MV Polar Star

From: MS Nordstjernen cruise review

Comparing the two ships

Ship MS Nordstjernen MV Polar Star
Description of cruise Adventure cruise Expedition cruise
Atmosphere Traditional ship with vintage character
Former Hurtigruten  coastal vessel built in 1956 and renovated in 2000.
Modern expedition ship
Former Swedish Navy vessel built in 1969 and converted for passenger service in 2000.
Cabins Small but cozy
Most cabins have bunk beds; about 75% have private WC and shower.
Most cabins have standard beds; nearly all have private WC and shower.
Itinerary 3 or 4 nights
Ship explores the northwestern coast and fjords of Spitsbergen, with port calls in Barentsburg and Ny ålesund.
7 nights
Ship circles the whole of Spitsbergen and explores remote eastern areas if ice conditions permit, with port calls in Barentsburg and Ny ålesund.
Shore landings PolarCirkel boats
"Easy on, easy off" PolarCirkel design is ideal for older passengers and those who aren't used to small boats. Landings are in easy to mildly rugged terrain.
Zodiac boats
Traditional inflatables. Recommended for able-bodied passengers with good balance and steady legs. Landings are in easy to rugged terrain.
Crew/currency Norwegian
European guides.
NOK used on board.
European guides.
USD used on board; NOK and EUR accepted.

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