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ms Rotterdam's Art Collection

From: ms Rotterdam Cruise Review

Chinese terra-cotta warriors

ABOVE: These replicas of terra-cotta warriors from China's Qin Dynasty are just a few of the art objects on board Holland America Line's ms Rotterdam.

Holland America Line has a history of featuring art on its ships, and the line has published a book on the topic titled The Art of Cruising. (The book contains photographs by Michael Verdure, with text by travel journalists Paul Lasley and Elizabeth Harryman.)

Atrium clockLike Holland America Line's other ships, ms Rotterdam has an extensive collection of art and antiques that are worth enjoying at leisure on sea days or whenever you can spare time for Paul Lasley and Elizabeth Harryman's audio tour of the collection.

iPod earbudsTo take the audio tour, visit the library desk in the Explorations Café and borrow an iPod. The audio tour is self-guided; just follow the directions that you'll hear as you walk around the ship with the iPod in your hand.

On the following pages, we'll show a few of the artworks and antiques on board ms Rotterdam. These are merely a preview of what you'll see on the ship itself, and you can expect to see objects of comparable quality--some by the same artists featured on ms Rotterdam--if you cruise on other vessels of Holland America Line.

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ms Rotterdam's art collection:
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