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Silver Spirit Cruise Photos

From: Silver Spirit Cruise Review

Ajaccio (2)

Souvenir store in Ajaccio

Napoleon souvenir shop in Corsica

Ajaccio's business district had souvenir and food shops with Napoleonic themes...

Corsica knife shop

...and another souvenir store for fans of Corsican blood feuds. 

Ice-cream shop in Ajaccio

Downtown Ajaccio, Corsica

It also had shops of a less dictatorial or incisive nature, such as ice-cream shops, clothing boutiques, and department stores.

Venice shop in Ajaccio, Corsica

As proprietors of the Venice for Visitors travel site, we were intrigued by a shop named "Venice."

SILVER SPIRIT from downtown Ajaccio

Peering down a narrow and steep side street, we caught a glimpse of Silver Spirit in the Port de Commerce.

Citroen 2CV in Ajaccio

Citroen 2CV in Corsida

A fleet of vintage Citro├źn 2CVs drove through downtown Ajaccio. (We learned later that they were in Corsica on a club outing.)

Dog in Ajaccio

Dogs in Ajaccio, Corsida

A dog crossed the busy street without incident, and two other dogs socialized on a streetcorner with their human pets.

Building with wrought-iron balconies in Ajaccio

A building with wrought-iron balconies reminded us of the French Quarter in New Orleans.

Tropical drink machines in Ajaccio, Corsica

A café-bar offered tropical fruit drinks, which appeared to the the Corsican version of American-style slushies or Italian granita.

Wedding in Ajaccio

We even caught the tail end of a wedding at the Mairie.

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