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From: Silver Spirit Cruise Review

Alghero (4)

Chiesa del Caramelo

We wrapped up our day in Alghero with a walk around the Bastions, starting at the Chiesa del Caramelo at the southeastern corner of the medieval center.

Houses along the Bastions in Alghero

Behind the fortified walls, a row of colorful houses faced the sea.

Gelato shop in Alghero

We resisted the temptation to enter this gelateria, but we did like the shop's signage.

Bicyclists on Bastioni in Alghero

Bicyclists and pedestrians shared the broad expanses of the Bastioni Cristoforo Colombo and the Bastioni Marco Polo

Sewage truck in Alghero

Farther along the walls, a sewage truck was pumping out a cesspit.

Fisherman in Alghero

Anglers fished from rocks beneath the walls.

Durant and Cheryl Imboden in Alghero

We encountered two fellow passengers from Silver Spirit who offered to take our picture (and who snapped the photo before we were ready).

Torre di Sant'Elmo, Alghero

The Torre di Sant'Elmo, near the northwest corner of Alghero's centro storico, offered a great view of the harbor. 

Banchini Dogana, Alghero

As we continued walking on the Bastioni Magellano, we could see Coast Guard vessels and sightseeing boats moored along the Banchina Dogana. (Our tender's landing point was just beyond the boats in the photo.)

Grotte di Nettuno sightseeing boat

A sightseeing boat from the Grotte di Nettuno approached the Banchina Dogana as we walked along the waterfront to Silver Spirit's tender landing.

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