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Silver Spirit Cruise Photos

From: Silver Spirit Cruise Review

Cádiz (8)

Man and dog on Cadiz seafrnt

Unlike the dog above, we'd had our fill of waterfront scenery, so we headed inland toward the port and Silver Spirit.

Gran Teatro Falla, Cadiz

Along the way, we passed the Gran Teatro Falla, an imposing structure that was built between 1884 and 1905. The theatre was built in neo-Mudéjar style, with Moorish-style windows on its ornate brick façade. (Inside, the theatre is more conventional, with stacked rings of seats surrounding the main floor.)

Marble statue in Cadiz

Cadiz Municipal Flamenco Center

Bronze statue in Cadiz, Spain

On our way back to Silver Spirit, we passed more statues...

Historic marker in Cadiz, Spain

More historic markers (this one for a guitarist)...

Medieval street in Cadiz

More narrow, cobblestoned streets...

Yorkshire terrier in Cadiz, Spain

...and, to our delight, more dogs.

SILVER SPIRIT in Port of Cadiz

As much as we'd enjoyed Cádiz, returning to Silver Spirit felt like coming home (with the difference that, on Silver Spirit, we didn't need to cook, clean, or uncork the Champagne).

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