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Silver Spirit entertainment

ABOVE: The Artists of Silversea perform in the Show Lounge.

Entertainment on Silver Spirit

Megaships that carry thousands of passengers may offer Broadway-style theatrical productions, ice shows, and circus performances, but Silversea's fleet--including Silver Spirit--offers a more intimate style of entertainment that focuses on popular music, jazz, and even a soupçon of opera.

Show Lounge on Silver SpiritOn most evenings, the Show Lounge (Silver Spirit's comfortable theatre) features an after-dinner show by a group of vocalists called The Artists of Silversea. Shows on our cruise ranged from "It's Fabbalicious!" (an ABBA retrospective) to "Hi C's" (operatic blasts from the past). The performers--who were supplied by Suzanne Childers of Choozi Entertainment--included James Francis, Justin Reynolds, Jason McClain, Dawn Royston, Dian Meechai, and Devon Yates.

James as Elton John on Silver SpiritWe were genuinely impressed by the vocal range and talent of the performers. (Example: James Francis, the young man in the photo at left, was able to impersonate Elton John or sing an impressive aria.) As a bonus, the singers mingled with the passengers and struck us as being genuinely nice people.

Michelle Yap on Silver SpiritAdditional entertainment venues on Silver Spirit are The Bar (with a singing pianist and a dance trio), the Stars Supper Club, the Panorama Lounge, and even the Pool area, where--during our voyage--a talented young singer named Michelle Yap performed for diners at The Grill with Sonny on the synthesizer.

After 11 p.m. or so, a DJ plays pop hits in the Panorama Lounge. The atmosphere is a cross between a high-school reunion and a wedding reception, minus the gym decorations and the chicken song. And when was the last time you saw a woman in a tailored silk dress and Ferragamo heels twist like Chubby Checker?

Other forms of entertainment during our voyage included an occasional "big-screen movie," complete with popcorn, in the Show Lounge and in-suite films on TV (free for G- through R-rated pictures, but with a charge for what your grandfather might have called "blue movies").

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