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Silver Whisper
Silversea "Scotland's Tattoo" Cruise
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photo LEFT: The Silver Whisper's spa offers a full range of massages, wraps, and beauty treatments. INSET BELOW: Cheryl Imboden models a Mandara Spa haircut.

Mandara Spa

Cheryl Imboden reports:

I'm new to spa treatments. I'm also very modest. But there I was, sitting in the reception room of the Mandara Spa on Deck 10 of the Silver Whisper wearing only a white terrycloth robe. For the next 80 minutes, I would be on an "Aromatic Odyssey." This experience included both body and facial massage.

I was very relieved when the Australian masseuse led me into a dimly-lit treatment room. A pretty sari was draped artfully from the ceiling, creating a cozy, soft, sea-green space. I climbed onto a foil-covered table and covered myself with a tapestry-like cover. Quiet music was playing. The air was warm and lightly scented.

Soon I was getting brushed;  covered with a thick, creamy, grey-green algae mixture; massaged; rinsed in a warm shower; and then gooed and massaged some more. Amazingly, my masseuse made me feel at ease. Her gentle yet firm rhythmic facial massage was incredibly relaxing. I didn't want to leave when my time was up. My skin felt soft and clean, and I felt really sleepy. (I was also grateful that there was no pitch to buy products.)

photoThe Mandara Spa offers a number of interesting specialized massages and spa treatments. The staff also does manicures, pedicures, and waxing. You can get your hair cut, washed, colored, braided, or done up. I got a nice haircut (see photo) from Maree, a beautician from New Zealand.

Since the spa is a very popular place for both men and women, it's a good idea to book your appointments early in the voyage. The spa staff were graciously able to reschedule my spa treatment on short notice, but they do request four hours' notice for a cancellation.

Note: Although Mandara Spa treatments aren't cheap, the prices include all gratuities, and no further tipping is expected.

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