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Silver Whisper Mediterranean Cruise
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Silver Whisper Veranda Suite photo

ABOVE: More than 80 percent of the Silver Whisper's cabins (including this Veranda Suite) have private balconies.


The Silver Whisper has 194 cabins. All are called "suites," and even the least expensive staterooms are comparable in size and layout to mini-suites on other cruise ships.

Vista Suites. 287 sq. ft., 26.6 m�. These cabins are identical to Veranda Suites (see photo), except for having picture windows instead of private balconies. In addition to the 26 standard Vista Suites on Deck 4, there are nine Vista Suites on Deck 5 with doors that open onto a shared veranda. Two of the latter are extra large and equipped for handicapped guests.

Veranda Suites. 345 sq. ft., 32 m�. These are the most common type of accommodation on the Silver Whisper, totalling 128 of the ship's 194 staterooms. Each Veranda Suite includes a sleeping area with two nightstands and a make-up table; a sitting area with couch, chairs, desk, liquor cabinet, and refrigerator; a TV with videocassette player; a large walk-in closet with electronic safe; and a marble-tiled bathroom with dual sinks in a marble countertop, a full-length bathtub, and a glass-doored shower stall. Sliding doors open onto a small teak balcony. (We had a Veranda Suite toward the bow on Deck 5, and it was both spacious and comfortable.)

Medallion Suites. 521 sq. ft., 48.4 m�. The Silver Whisper has only two of these suites, which are scaled-down versions of Silver Suites (see below). They offer more room and greater separation between sleeping and seating areas than Veranda Suites do, but--unlike Silver Suites--they have standard bathrooms and lack dining areas.

Silver Suites. 701 sq. ft,. 65.1 m�. Both of us were impressed by the Silver Suite that we visited during our cruise. A Silver Suite is twice as wide as a standard Vista or Veranda Suite, with a four-seat dining table in the living room and a glassed-off sleeping area. The bathroom is divided into two sections, one of which--a room with toilet and extra sink--doubles as a guest powder room with doors from both the bathing area and entrance hall. The ship has 13 Silver Suites.

Owner's Suites. 1,208 sq. ft., 112.2 m�. The Silver Whisper has two Owner's Suites, and each is available with one bedroom or two. If money is no object and you love deck space, an Owner's Suite is likely to be your favorite: The living room runs lengthwise along the ship's side, with three sets of glass doors overlooking a huge terrace. The bedrooms also have sliding glass doors and balconies. Other amenities include a bidet in the main bathroom, a guest powder room, and a dining area.

Royal and Grand Suites. 1,286-1,435 sq. ft., 119.5-133.3 m�. The two Royal Suites and four Grand Suites are similar in layout, with Grand Suites having slightly bigger living rooms and balconies. A connecting Veranda Suite can be reserved as a second bedroom. All Royal and Grand Suites have large bedrooms with forward-facing picture windows and living rooms that open onto port or starboard balconies. Other features duplicate those in Owner's Suites, except for differences in floor layouts. (Given a choice, we'd take an Owner's Suite over a Royal or Grand Suite because of the larger terrace.)


  • Every Silver Suite has a convertible sofa for a third passenger; convertible sofas are also available in a limited number of Veranda and Vista Suites.

  • Silver, Owner's, Royal, and Grand Suites include Jacuzzi tubs and entertainment centers with CD players (plus large flat-panel plasma TVs in Owner's, Royal, and Grand Suites). Guests is these suites also receive free laundry service.

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