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European Castles: Heidenreichstein Castle Austria

ABOVE: Heidenreichstein, Lower Austria.

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The World of Castles
This searchable site is packed with photos and brief descriptions of castles in France, Germany, Ireland, Italy, Spain, and the United Kingdom, with links to the castles' own official Web sites. (You can limit your search by country and region, which makes the site handy for trip planning.)
This site focuses on Continental Europe, with a slight skew toward Central and Eastern European countries.
Marko, a police detective in Rotterdam, launched his first site in 1999 with descriptions of seven Dutch castles. Today, covers dozens of castles in 17 countries.
Edd Morris, who lives in the Elephant & Castle area of central London, has put together a delightful compendium of castle photos and descriptions in the UK and Continental Europe. The site includes an introduction to castle design.

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