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European Castles: Newcastle Emlyn Wales

ABOVE: Newcastle Emlyn, Wales.

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Tour the moated castle, explore the Moorland and Peat Bog Museum, and take a ride on the historic narrow-gauge railroad in Lower Austria's Waldviertel.


Eupedia's Belgium Guide: Castles of Belgium
Some 300 of Belgium's 3,000+ castles are open to the public as museums, hotels, restaurants, or reception venues.


Roads to Ruins
Explore the medieval fortifications of Germany with Edward G. Kane.

Learn about 17 state-owned castles and monuments in the Rhineland-Palatinate.

Wartburg Castle
Martin Luther used Eisenach, Germany's historic castle as a hiding place during the early days of the Reformation.


Wikipedia: List of Castles in Ireland
Many of the articles linked from this page are barely more than stubs, but some are full-fledged entries with detailed text and photos.

Visit the "medieval heart of Italy" with P. Ramponi's Castles of Tuscany site.

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