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ABOVE: The Peugeot Partner is a popular crossover vehicle in Europe.

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Use the comparison chart in this article to help determine whether you should consider a traditional car rental or a short-term lease.

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Do you need liability insurance in Europe? Should you pay extra for a Collision Damage Waiver, or can you rely on your credit card's free coverage? This Europe for Visitors article has the answers.

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General information

Moto Europa
Erick Bredesen's Moto Europa is a guidebook for car, van, motorhome, and motorcycle travelers. The Web version of the book is geared toward U.S. drivers, but other non-Europeans will also find it helpful.

European International Road Signs and Conventions
The interface may be more confusing than a Parisian roundabout, but be patient--and scroll down for links to pages on traffic signs.

Which Side of the Road Do They Drive On?
Brian Lucas describes his informative and entertaining article as "an attempt to list which side of the road people drive on around the world, and to find some reasons why." (Wikipedia's Right- and left-hand traffic page also covers this topic in detail.)


Beach's Motorcycle Adventures
This company has more than 30 years of experience in conducting European tours on BMW motorcycles.

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