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Hadrian's Wall
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Hadrian's Wall and Swingshields Crag near Cuddy's Crag

ABOVE: Hadrian's Wall and Swingshields Crag near Cuddy's Crag.

History and tourist information

Hadrian's Wall Country
Practical information for visitors to Hadrian's Wall, including advice on how to get there.

Hadrian's Wall
N.S. Gill describes the wall and the history behind it. Her article includes photos.

Arbeia Roman Fort and Museum
The Roman fort of Arbeia wasn't part of Hadrian's Wall, strictly speaking, but it was a supply depot for the garrisons along the wall.

Hadrian's Wall and the Romans
A detailed introduction from the 150-page Northumbrian Visitor Guide.

Hadrian's Wall, Extent of the Roman Empire
A highly readable illustrated article with photos, diagrams, and maps. From

The Vindolanda Trust operates this site, which has visitors' information, excavation news, etc. for  the Vindolanda fort and settlement and the Roman Army Museum.

Hillwalk Tours: Hadrian's Wall Path
This company offers 17 different walking itineraries (graded "gentle," "moderate," or "challenging") that include accommodation, luggage transfer, and other services.

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