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Oceanário de Lisboa

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Lisbon Oceanarium photo

ABOVE: The Oceanário de Lisboa's exhibit building is surrounded by water. Its design resembles "a docked ship, ready to cast off."

Visitor information

Location: The Oceanário de Lisboa is in the Parque das Nacões, a modern district on the eastern edge of Lisbon. Once you reach the park, head for the Tejo (Tagus) riverfront, where you'll find the exhibit building at the south end of the Doca dos Olivais. (See photo at top of page.) The ticket office, gift shop, and cafeteria are in a separate building on land, with an enclosed pedestrian bridge crossing the water to the exhibit halls.

Oriente Station photoPublic transportation: Long-distance CP Portuguese Railways trains, Sintra-Lisbon-Azambuja commuter trains from Santa Apolónia Station, and subway trains of the Metropolitano de Lisboa's Red Line stop at the Oriente railway station.

From the station, walk toward the river. The oceanarium is a short distance west of the Pavilhão Atlántico arena and concert hall.

Hours and admission: The Oceanário normally opens at 10 a.m. and closes at 7 p.m. (winter) or 8 p.m. (summer), with shorter hours on Dec. 1 and January 1.

Accessibility: The Oceanário is easy to navigate with a walker or in a wheelchair (as is the entire Parque das Nacões, which is the only fully accessible district of Lisbon).

Web site: The Oceanário de Lisboa has a Web site at Click the Union Jack button for English text.

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