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Ostend (Oostende), Belgium

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Ostend, Oostende, Belgium

ABOVE: Old harbor, Ostend.

Accommodations directory Ostend
Europe's No. 1 secure reservations service has illustrated listings of hotels and other places to stay in the Ostend area. ( has a price-matching guarantee, and you can cancel reservations unless otherwise indicated--e.g., if you've booked at a special prepaid rate.)

Youth hostel

Jeugdherberg "De Ploate"
Ostend's De Ploate Youth Hostel has a capacity of 124 in rooms with three to seven beds. All rooms have private facilities, and rates include breakfast, sheets, and taxes. The hostel is in the city center, offers free bike parking, and is open 24 hours a day.

Dining and nightlife

Oostende Ostend dining restaurants LEFT: Oysters, a specialty of Ostend, are prepared at a local seafood stand.

Food and Drink
Visit Oostende has English-language listings for local restaurants and bars, along with dining tips.

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