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magazine cover Student Traveler is available on campuses throughout the U.S. and Canada.

If you're an American or Canadian student who's eager to see the world, Student Traveler is your best reading bargain on campus. The magazine, which is distributed free of charge through some 1,375 study-abroad offices at North American colleges and universities, is packed with useful articles about study, work, play, and exploration overseas.

I met editor Jeff Booth in 2004, and he gave me a sample issue with articles on topics such as:

Language schools overseas, with first-person accounts of learning Italian in Venice, Spanish in Peru, and Arabic in Morocco.

Living cheaply in expensive Holland, thanks to a unique Dutch law that encourages landlords to rent empty apartments for a pittance to keep legal squatters out.

The Budget Gourmet, a compendium of tips for travelers whose appetites are bigger than their budgets.

A more recent issue had stories on:

Teaching English abroad--what it's like, and how to qualify for a job.

Kebab men, or "lessons in kebab culture in London."

Seeing Cuba legally (or not), a how-to guide to skirting the Bush administration's embargo on Cuban travel.

In addition to articles and tips, Student Traveler has ads for tour companies, foreign universities and language schools, international volunteer programs, hostel networks, and other businesses or organizations for students who'd like to travel, study, or work in other countries.

For a free copy of Student Traveler, visit your college or university's study-abroad office. You can also read current and archived articles from online at the magazine's Web site,

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