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Tivoli trams

ABOVE: Miniature trams in Tivoli Gardens. INSET BELOW: Tivoli at Chrismas, the Nimb hotel's Moorish-style building, and a chef in Nimb's Michelin-starred Restaurant Herman..

Season and hours

Tivoli operates daily from early April until mid-September. The gates open at 11 a.m., closing at 11 p.m., midnight, or 12:30 a.m., depending on the day of the week and the season.

Tivoli at ChristmasTivoli is also open in mid-October for an early Halloween celebration, and it has a Christmas Market from late November until the end of December. See the official Web site (listed below) for details.


Tivoli isn't cheap: In 2012 (when this article was last updated), the standard entrance fee for adults and children of 8+ years was DKK 95. Children from 0 to 7 years of age were free.

Individual rides require one to three tickets, which cost DKK 25 each. (Tickets are needed by anyone over 1 year of age.) You can buy an unlimited multi-ride ticket for DKK 199 with your admission or at any ticket booth in the park.

Tip: Most of Tivoli's rides are pleasant rather than thrilling. You might want to save most of your ride budget for Bakken, a 400-year-old amusement park north of the city that has one of Europe's highest roller coasters.

For more information on discounts, special packages, and off-season events, see Tivoli's official Web site below.

Food and drink

Nimb facadeTivoli has dozens of restaurants, cafés, pastry shops, snack bars, and food stands. There's even a Hard Rock Café for tourists who wouldn't dream of going home without a souvenir t-shirt.

For a pleasant meal in an authentic Danish atmosphere, try Grøften near the Pantomime Theatre. Its family-friendly beer garden is delightful after dark, when the tables are illuminated by lanterns in the shape of hot-air balloons.

Nimb chefWe also recommend Pirateriet (where you can dine on the deck of a Caribbean-style pirate ship) and the brasserie in Nimb, in a mock-Moorish castle facing the Tivoli gardens.

Getting money

It's easy to empty your wallet at Tivoli, and park businesses will happily accept dollars, euros, British pounds, and Scandinavian currencies. Fortunately, the park has two cash machines; see our article on European ATMs and currency exchange machines for advice on using your ATM card overseas.

Web links

The official Tivoli Web site has everything you need to know about the park, including an interactive tour page and listings of concerts and other events.

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