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Icebar CPH

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Icebar CPH bartender

An Icebar CPH bartender pours drinks for guests. (Bartenders work in 20-minute increments before leaving the bar to warm up.)

Honungs Rytarre

Cheryl Imboden samples a Honungs Rytarre, made with Absolut Raspberry, raspberry liqueur, raspberry purée, orange juice, lime, and Champagne.

Torne River ice tumbler

The drink is served in a Torne River ice tumbler from Swedish Lapland, north of the Arctic Circle. (Gloves are supplied to prevent frostbite.)

Icebar CPH

Having finished her drink, Cheryl surveys the Icebar's interior through a circular window in an ice niche. (Don't be shy about taking or posing for photos--or even asking strangers to snap your picture, as two young women did during our visit.)

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