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The Euro

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1-Euro coin - front 1-Euro coin - back - Italian version

LEFT: Front of €1 coin. RIGHT: Back of a €1 coin from the Zecca di Stato, the Italian national mint.

(Coins have a standard "heads" side, but the "tails" side differs from country to country. All national versions can be used interchangeably throughout the euro zone.) 

Plural: "Euro" vs. "euros"

You might expect a common currency to have a common spelling, but no such luck:

An EU dossier recommends using "euro" as the plural form in English, but the new currency's official Web site employs the "euros" form, and so most British newspapers.

Web links

Wikipedia: Euro
In addition to describing the history and economic impact of the euro, Wikepedia has an article on the eurozone.

Track the movement of the euros in your wallet, and see where they go after you spend them.

Microsoft Typography: Euro Currency Symbol FAQ
This FAQ from Microsoft.com has general information on the euro currency symbol, along with tips on accessing and printing the symbol from your  computer.

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