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BMW Regensburg Factory Tour

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Regensburg BMW plant tour

ABOVE: The BMW plant's flexible assembly line handles cars from different series at the same time--and to make workers more productive, cars are lifted automatically to the right height for each assembly task.

BMW Regensburg factory tour information

Tour times and dates. Tour schedules vary, depending on whether you're an individual signing up for a public "mixed group" tour or booking for a group. Use the "Booking Request" link below to see what's available during your visit to Regensburg.

  • Note: Tours may not be scheduled during model changeovers or major plant maintenance.

Location. The BMW Werk is located on the eastern edge of Regensburg, not far from the A3 Autobahn's Exit 101 (Regensburg-Ost) on the way to Passau. The local RVV transit system's Bus 7 runs to the factory from Albertstrasse. For detailed directions and a map, see "Approach" under the "Dialogue" menu of the BMW Werk Regensburg site below.

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