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Augustinerkloster Erfurt

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Augustinerkloster cloister

ABOVE: Cloister courtyard of the Augustinian Monastery.

Tours of the Augustinerkloster

One-hour tours of the monastery are offered daily year-round, and fees are modest. You can sign up at the monastery reception desk or in the Klosterstube café.

The tour includes a visit to the "Bible - Monastery - Luther" exhibit, which opened in 2002 and occupies the former monks' quarters. (Interestingly, the monks studied or worked in their cells but slept outside their cell doors in the hall.) One cell has been furnished as it might have looked in Luther's time. You can view the exhibit without taking the monastery tour.

Another option is to visit the monastery with an English-speaking guide from the Erfurt Tourist Information office during a walking tour of the historic center.

The monastery's Historic Library offers 45-tours from Monday to Friday by prior arrangement. Its 60,000 volumes include some 3,500 books from the 17th Century and 100 manuscripts from the 12th through the 18th Centuries.

St. Elizabeth's Chapel offers 30-minute tours (limited to 14 guests) that feature the life of the Heilige Elisabeth von Thüringen as depicted in a series of murals.

For more information, see the Augustinerkloster's English-language Guided Tours page.

Directions (foot, tram, or car)

The Augustinian Church and Monastery are in the historic center of Erfurt, about 10 minutes on foot from the city tourist office and the cathedral. The Augustinerkloster is clearly marked on local tourist maps.

If you're coming from the railroad station, look for tram "1 - Grubenstrasse" or "5 - Zoo" and get off at Augustinerstrasse. Turn left from the streetcar line and walk a block to 10 Augustinerstrasse.

If you're driving, follow the Juri-Gagarin-Ring to Fraanckestrasse, which leads into Augustinerstrasse. The monastery has 14 parking places, and there's a parking fee. (Unless you're spending the night, it may be more convenient to park on the edge of the historic center and walk the short distance to the Augustinerkloster.)

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