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ABOVE: Cavete is a Kneipe or bistro in the lively Kuhviertel.

Münster restaurants and bars

The last time we checked, the  local restaurant and nightlife guide--Münster Geht Aus--was 212 pages thick and listed restaurants in more than 30 categories, from Afrikanish to Vietnamesisch. If you're looking for regional cuisine, you'll be pleased to know that the Deutsche Küche section lists more than 80 restaurants.

For tasty, filling Westphalian cuisine in an historic setting, try the Altes Gasthaus Leve on Alter Steinweg 37. The restaurant, which is said to be Münster's oldest Gaststätte, traces its roots to 1607. The menu is extensive, and prices are reasonable, and the restaurant is loaded with traditional German atmosphere.

Toward the edges of the Altstadt, the Kuhviertel (cow quarter) is packed with pubs such as Cavete (see photo) that attract university students and other nightlife enthusiasts. Pinkus Müller, a microbrewery with a two restaurants and a beer garden, claims to be the oldest "Bio-Brauerei" or organic brewery in the world.)

In the Hafen or harbor district, you'll find the Kreativkai and assorted restaurants, bars, and beer gardens overlooking the Dortmund-Ems Canal.

Finally, if you're into fast food and snacking, just head for the Altstadt and start grazing. Ignore McDonald's and look for sausage stands or one of the town's countless bakeries. (In the Advent season, you'll have even more choices, thanks to half a dozen Christmas markets where you can gorge yourself on hot food and mulled wine from late morning until late at night.)

For more information on food, drink, and nightlife in Münster, see the translated listings at mü or buy a copy of Münster Geht Aus at the tourist office.

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