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Fichtelbergbahn Steam Railroad

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Kurort Oberwiesenthal station

Passenger cars are parked on sidings at the Fichtelbergbahn's main depot in Kurort Oberwiesenthal, Germany.

Fichtelbergbahn steam locomotive

The five engines of the Fichtelbergbahn are the most powerful 750-mm narrow-gauge locomotives ever built, with a capacity of 600 horsepower each. The engines burn hard coal.

Fichtelbergbahn train on curve

As the train puffs along a winding route with nine stations and six bridges (including the dramatic Hüttenbach mountain viaduct), you can take photos from the open platforms between the passenger cars.

Fichtelbergbahn passenger car

Don't expect much in the way of creature comforts--the Fichtelberg's carriages have wooden benches, which are fine for a journey that lasts about an hour.

Fichtelbergbahn conductor

During the trip between Cranzahl and Kurort Oberwiesenthal (or vice versa), a friendly conductor will punch your tickets and answer questions about the train.

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