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Saxon Railroad Museum

Sächsisches Eisenbahnmuseum

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roundhouse with steam locomotives

Photo: Tourism Marketing Company of Saxony.

The Saxon Railroad Museum has two roundhouses that were built from 1897-1900. One houses steam engines; the other is dedicated to diesel and electric locomotives.

roundhouse turntable

Each roundhouse has a 20-meter turntable that can accommodate massive steam engines with their tenders.

maintenance car

Warning signs are parked in front of a maintenance car.

coal bunker

The restored Kohlenhochbunker, or high coal bunker, can fill two tenders simultaneously.

road trailer

In the German Democratic Republic, multimodal transportation sometimes meant putting railcars on road trailers (as opposed to "piggybacking" truck trailers on railway flatcars).

GDR diesel trainpassenger cars

One of my own favorite exhibits is this high-speed diesel train from the 1970s, which has a museum café in the passenger cars.

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