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Terra Mineralia

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Entrance to Terra Mineralia

Terra Mineralia's modern entrance is in the courtyard of Schloss Freudenstein. Once you get past the ticket desk, you'll be inside the historic castle.

Calcite samples at Terra Mineralia

Behind these two calcite samples from the U.S.A., you can see other display cases in one of the beautifully lit Terra Mineralia exhibition rooms.

Iron meteorite at Terra Mineralia Freiberg

This iron meteorite was found in Argentina. It has been cut in half to reveal the distribution of the iron in the rock.

Calcite from China at Terra Mineralia

Calcite comes in a variety of shapes and forms. This sample is from Hunan Province, China.

Phallic mineral sample

Some minerals invite awe, and others prompt titters.

Fluorescent mangano calcite

Magnano calcite (above) and willemite (below) glow when exposed to ultraviolet light.

Fluorescent willemite

Crystals at Terra Mineralia

These crystals are mineral versions of Pick-up Sticks.

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