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London Vacation Rentals

Live like a local in a furnished short-term flat, serviced apartment, or private room.

London building

ABOVE: Thanks to Airbnb and, it's easy to find thousands of short-term rentals in London and its suburbs.

If you're a solo traveler or a couple and you're staying in London for only a day or two, you'll probably want to stay in a hotel, B&B, or hostel. But when you're traveling with a family or staying more than a few days, a short-term vacation rental can be a convenient and cost-effective alternative.

There are several advantages to a short-term furnished rental:

  • Better value. At a hotel, you're paying for services, not just for a place to rest your head. If you need those services, then by all means choose a hotel. But at any given level of comfort and luxury, you'll probably pay less per square meter or foot when you stay in an apartment.

  • Savings on restaurant meals. When you have a flat with a kitchen, you won't need to eat out all the time. Having breakfast and some of your other meals at your home away from home will save you money. (You'll also be able to kick off your shoes and relax while enjoying your homemade pub sandwiches or your takeaway meal.)

  • Living like a local. Just because you're a tourist doesn't mean you have to feel like a tourist 24/7. As a short-term resident of London, you'll have a reason to visit supermarkets, bakeries, and other local businesses with your temporary neighbors.

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