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Kubuswoningen Rotterdam

ABOVE: The Kijk-Kubus, or Show-Cube, is a short walk upstairs from the Kubuswoningen courtyard.

Kijk-Kubus / Show Cube

Opening hours:

Kijk-Kubus signThe Kijk-Kubus or Show Cube is open daily from 11 5 p.m. Follow the signs to the entrance, which is simply a doorway beneath one of the cubes. (Be prepared to climb a steep flight of Dutch-style steps; at the top of the stairs, you'll enter the cube dwelling's living room, where you can buy a ticket for a few euros.)

How to reach the Cube Houses:

Promenade Oberblaak signThe Kubuswoningen are just south of the Rotterdam Blaak railroad and Metro station, at the top of the Oude Haven (Old Harbor). They're only a short walk from most other locations in the city center, but if you're in a hurry, you can reach the Blaak Station by NS commuter train or Metro, on the No. 21 tram, or on bus 32 or 49.

  • Tip: Allow time for a visit to the Oude Haven (where you'll find a number of waterside bars and restaurants) and the Rotterdam Central Library, which has English-language reading materials and free Internet terminals upstairs.

For more information:

  • Visit the official Cube Houses Web site at and click the Union Jack icon for English text.

  • For more captioned photos of the Kubuswoningen, continue to page 3 of this article.

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