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NEHALENNIA in Rotterdam

ABOVE: Nehalennia arrives in Rotterdam after an excursion to Kinderdijk. INSET BELOW: Coffee with appelgebak from the boat's snack bar, and a No. 1 Waterbus on its way to Rotterdam.

Practical information

Cruise times:

From early April until mid-October, Nehalennia cruises daily except Monday, with departures at  12 p.m. (There are no cruises during the World Harbour Festival days in early September.)

From November 15 until the end of February or the first of March, Nehalennia usually offers "Winter Weekend Tours" (Check locally for current details.)

Departure point:

Nehalennia cruises to Kinderdijk leave from De Boompjeskade, the quay below the flag-lined promenade along central Rotterdam's waterfront.

Keep an eye out for the ticket booth, which is next to the water about 250 meters or 275 yards east of the Erasmus Bridge.

Tickets and reservations:

When this article was last updated in 2014, tickets for the standard four-hour excursion cost €15 for adults and €12 for children up to age 11.

 Winter Weekend Tours, which include food, are more expensive.

It's a good idea to book ahead, especially on weekends or during high season. Phone +31(0)10-218 31 31, visit the ticket booth on Bompjeskade or the Rotterdam Tourist Office, or e-mail [email protected].

For more information, see the boat's Web site. (The site is in three languages, but some information is available only in the Dutch section.)

Food and drink:

Coffee med AppelgebakNehalennia has a snack bar with reasonable prices. A waitress makes the rounds of the tables once or twice during the cruise, and small items (such as drinks and ice-cream bars) are available at the counter inside the boat.

You can also buy food at Kinderdijk if you get hungry while ashore.

Returning by bus and train:

If you miss the boat's return trip, or if you decide to stay on for a few hours at Kinderdijk, you can get back to Rotterdam on public bus No. 90. (You'll see a bus stop near Kinderdijk's entrance; take the bus that's headed west toward Rotterdam.)

After a 35-minute ride, you'll reach the Rotterdam Lombardijen railroad station on the south side of the river, where trains run frequently to the Rotterdam city center and beyond.

You can get off an intermediate station such as Rotterdam Blaak (near the Old Harbor, the Cube Houses, and the St.  Laurens Church) or continue to Rotterdam Centraal or Amsterdam.

For more information, use's Door-to-Door Journey Planner, selecting "Attraction: Kinderdijk" as your departure point and any Rotterdam "Train Station" as your destination.

Returning by Waterbus:

Waterbus on Nieuwe Maas RiverA more scenic option is the Waterbus regional fast ferry.

Start by taking Waterbus No. 3 from Kinderdijk to Ridderkerk/De Schans (about a 15-minute trip via Krimpen a/d Lech).

At Ridderkerk/De Schans, connect to the No. 1 Waterbus, which takes 33 minutes to reach the Erasmusbrug stop in Rotterdam.

Web sites:

Finally, be sure to view our photo gallery (starting on the next page) for captioned pictures that show Nehalennia's ticket booth and mooring point in Rotterdam, the cruise along the Nieuwe Maas river, and the windmills at Kinderdijk.

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