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Paris Plage

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Paris Plage 2002

Parisians sunbathed along the Seine in 2002, the first year of Paris Plage.

Paris Plage 2003

A roadway in the 4th arrondissement was turned over to beach umbrellas, palm planters, and sunbathers in the summer of 2003.

Paris Plage beach hut

A boy shoveled sand next to a beach hut during the 2003 Paris Plage.

Paris Plage synchronized water gymnastics 2004

Synchronized water gymnastics entertained Paris Plage beachgoers in the summer of 2004.

Hotel de Ville beach volleyball

Beach volleyball came to the Hôtel de Ville (a.k.a. the City Hall of Paris) in 2006.

Paris Plage Hotel de Ville 2008

The Hôtel de Ville offers Parisians a chance to bombard their skin with ultraviolet rays.

Bassin de la Villette pedalboats

At the Bassin de la Villette, on the city's northern edge, pedalboats are a feature of the Paris Plage.

Paris Plage ballroom dancing

A Paris Plage ballroom-dancing event in the Parc de Villette offers a break from beach activities.

Paris Plage information booth

If you have any questions about Paris Plage, or if you'd like to check on scheduled events, look for an information booth along the beach.

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