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TIMHotel MontmartreMost travelers stay in hotels for good reasons: It's easy to check into and out of a hotel, somebody else does the housekeeping, and--in most, but not all, cases--the traveler can cancel a reservation without penalty in an emergency or if travel plans change.

Like other big European cities, Paris has vast numbers of hotels that range from tiny one- or two-star pensions to luxury palaces and modern chain properties.

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Hostels have come a long way since the days when most "youth hostels" consisted of large dormitories with bunk beds, communal bathrooms, and strict rules (including a requirement that hostelers leave the premises during the day).

Many of today's hostels have double or quad rooms, modern conveniences, and friendly service at competitive rates.

What's more, a growing number of hostels welcome families or grey-haired travelers who enjoy a social atmosphere and the company of fellow foreigners.

For hostel listings, see Booking.com: Paris Hostels.

Vacation apartments

Apartment rue SteinkerqueIf you're staying in Paris for a week or more, or if you're traveling with children, a furnished holiday rental can be a good value and a great experience.

Rates for a one-bedroom apartment are comparable to what you'd pay for a double room at a midrange hotel, you can eat in at breakfast or when you're too tired to spend the evening at a restaurant, and you can enjoy the illusion that you're living (however briefly) in Paris.

 For hundreds of detailed listings with photos and reviews by paying guests, see:

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Other things to know about vacation apartments:

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