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Top 11 Tourist Mistakes in Paris (and how to avoid them)

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Mistake #1: Here today, gone tomorrow

Airplane in ParisIn a typical year, an estimated 14.4 million visitors stay in Paris hotels, and nearly 8 million of those travelers came from outside France.

However, the average hotel stay by a foreigner is only 2.7 nights--which means the typical traveler from abroad has only about two days for sightseeing, dining, shopping, and other activities after subtracting the time needed for arrival and departure.

That's a shockingly brief amount of time to spend in the world's most popular tourist city.

We recommend staying a minimum of a week, and preferably longer.

By spending a week or more in Paris, you'll have a chance to become familar with the city and its neighborhoods. After all, there's a lot more to Paris than the Eiffel Tower, the Louvre, and the Cathedral of Notre Dame.

Our advice:

Paris mosaicLook for ways to extend your stay in Paris, either by simplifying your travel itinerary (if you're visiting more than one city) or by postponing your visit until you can devote more than two or three days to the French capital.

If you race into town and leave 48 hours later, you'll almost certainly regret that you didn't stay longer.

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Top 11 Tourist Mistakes in Paris:
1. Here, today, gone tomorrow
2. Arriving in high season
3. Staying in the wrong arrondissement
4. Commuting from the suburbs
5. Lugging overloaded bags
6. Sightseeing by the numbers
7. Booking unnecessary tours
8. Driving in Paris
9. Overspending on local transport
10. Being easy prey for pickpockets and purse-snatchers
11. Saying "Adieu" instead of "Au revoir"

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