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Top 11 Tourist Mistakes in Paris (and how to avoid them)

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ABOVE: Heavy suitcases may seem manageable at the railroad station or airport, but they're a nuisance when you're going to or from your hotel.

Mistake #5: Lugging overloaded bags

image"Travel light" is often presented as a moral choice: the traveler's equivalent of "Don't smoke" or "Scrape those sausages and eggs off your plate and eat a bowl of MŘesli."

Not being moralists, we prefer to think in terms of convenience.

When you're rolling a lightweight suitcase of carry-on size, you'll find it much easier to squeeze onto a crowded train or bus from Charles de Gaulle or Orly Airport, and you'll be grateful for your choice of baggage when you need to climb stairs in the underground station or your hotel.

Our advice:

Your bonus for traveling light:

By limiting the number and size of your suitcases, you'll be less vulnerable to pickpockets, purse-snatchers, and luggage thieves. Here's why:

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Top 11 Tourist Mistakes in Paris:
1. Here, today, gone tomorrow
2. Arriving in high season
3. Staying in the wrong arrondissement
4. Commuting from the suburbs
5. Lugging overloaded bags
6. Sightseeing by the numbers
7. Booking unnecessary tours
8. Driving in Paris
9. Overspending on local transport
10. Being easy prey for pickpockets and purse-snatchers
11. Saying "Adieu" instead of "Au revoir"

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