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Paris 'Petition' Scam

When in Paris, don't be fooled by bearers of fake petitions. They'll shake you down for money, and they may pick your pocket.

By Durant Imboden

Paris petition scammers

ABOVE: Petion scammers accost a tourist on the Pont St-Michel.

In other articles, we've described the Paris "Gold Ring" Scam (which is almost comical, unless you fall for it) and the petty shakedown artists known as the "String Men" of Sacré-Coeur. Today's warning is about the "Petition Scam," which can be a double-whammy assault on your pocketbook.

Here's  how the scam works:

But wait, there's more!

Bottom line:

Just say "Non" to petition scammers, and don't let them get too close. If necessary, be nasty. (I practically had to beat off a crowd of wasp-like petition scammers on the Pont Saint-Michel a while back, and they wouldn't leave me alone until I snarled loudly enough to be noticed by other people on the bridge.)

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