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How to use a Sanisette

From: Sanisette Public Toilets


Step 1:

Check the control panel to see if the sanisette is occupied. If the red light is off or a sign says "Libre," the toilet is ready for action.

Press the button to open the door. If the door doesn't open and the booth isn't labeled "accés gratuit," you'll need to insert two 20-cent coins.

(Note: Control panels vary in appearance, as you can see from the photos above.)


Step 2:

Once you're inside, wait for the door to close, then use the toilet.

There's no need to flush--the sanisette will do that for you.

(See the white panel behind the toilet? After you leave, the panel will open, and a robotic hand will come out to scrub and disinfect the toilet.)


Step 3:

After you've finished your business with the WC, stick your hands into the receptacle below the mirror.

The sanisette will squirt your hands with soap and water (assuming that the device is working correctly), and a few seconds later a hot-air blower will dry your hands.

When you're ready to leave, open the door from the inside and step out.

The door will close after a short interval, and the robotic attendant will prepare the booth for the next occupant in about 60 seconds.

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