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Navigo Easy

The RATP's "Navigo Easy" pass is a convenient stored-value card. It will replace cardboard T+ Métro, RER, bus, and tram tickets by summer of 2020, but you can buy it and use it right now.

Navigo Easy transportation card

ABOVE: With Navigo Easy, you can load single-ride transit fares and carnets onto your card for "pay as you go" convenience.

By Durant Imboden

The Paris public-transit system is remarkable: The Métro alone has more than 300 stations on 16 lines with a total length of 214 kilometers or 133 miles. Add in RER trains, buses, trams, the Montmartre funicular, and Transilien commuter rail, and you've got a network that will take you practically anywhere in the Paris region without any need for a car or taxi.

Paris Metro ticketStill, the system has had an Achilles' heel: The traditional T+ cardboard tickets are a nuisance to carry around and don't always work with the magnetic ticket readers. But now there's a convenient solution: Navigo Easy, a stored-value plastic card from RATP (the Paris transit agency) with an embedded chip that replaces cardboard tickets.

Unlike other Paris transportation passes, Navigo Easy is a simple "pay as you go" card. You use it just like a T+ ticket, except that you swipe the card against an electronic reader instead of inserting a ticket into a turnstile slot.

What it costs:

The card itself costs €2,--, whether you're an adult or a child.

A single ride costs the same as a cardboard ticket: €1,90 for an adult or a child over 4 years of age. (Kids under 4 ride free.)

To save money, you can buy a carnet of 10 rides for €14,90. That works out to less than €1,50 per ride, which makes time-defined passes such as Mobilis or Paris Visite hardly worth the bother unless you plan to spend your day riding transit.

For children from ages 4 through 9, a carnet is even cheaper:  €7,45 for 10 rides, or less than 75 cents per journey.

You can also load a number of special fares onto Navigo Easy, such as Roissybus (for Charles de Gaulle Airport), Orlybus (Orly Airport), and an "all you can ride" Navigo Day Pass.

Where to buy Navigo Easy:

Paris Metro ticket boothYou can purchase a Navigo Easy card at any Paris Métro or RER ticket booth. Pay in cash or with a credit or debit card. (If you're buying cards for children, make this clear to the ticket agent.)

We suggest asking for "Navigo Easy avec un carnet." The ticket agent will load 10 rides onto the card, so you'll be ready to use Navigo Easy right away.

How to use the card:

Navigo card reader on Paris Metro turnstileSimply hold your Navigo Easy card against the purple area on the turnstile or the bus card reader.

Please note:

Adding rides to your Navigo Easy card:

1. Look for the ticket machines in any Metro or RER station, and pick a machine with a purple card reader on the front.

Navigo ticket machine

2. Choose a language on the touch-sensitive screen.

Paris Navigo ticket machine

3. Place and hold your Navigo Easy card against the purple reader.

 Ticket machine RATP

4. Select the number of single-ride tickets or 10-ride carnets that you want to buy.

5. Click "Validate" to confirm your request.

6. Follow the payment instructions on the screen. (In this example, I used a foreign credit card.)

Selecting payment method with RATP ticket-vending machine

Credit-card reader on RATP Metro ticket machine

7. Place and hold your Navigo Easy card against the card reader again.

 RATP Navigo ticket-vending machine

8. Wait while the machine loads your fares or carnets onto the card. When the process is complete, the screen will say "Your pass is now loaded."

Loading fares onto Navigo Easy card

9. Wait for your receipt to be printed.

Receipt screen on RATP Navigo ticket machine

10. Swipe to ride, using the purple card readers on station turnstiles, buses, and trams.

A confirmation window behind or below the scanner shows how many rides you have left. You can also check your fare balance at Navigo ticket machines or at ticket counters in stations.

Paris Metro turnstile with Navigo card reader

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