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Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport - Taxis and Shuttles

From: Paris CDG Airport Transportation


Expect to spend €50--or possibly more--for a taxi to the city center, depending on the time of day and the location of your hotel. (You'll pay about 15 percent extra between 5 p.m. and 10 a.m., on Sundays, or on holidays.)

Tipping is optional but customary; a few euros should do the trick.

In addition to the metered fare, you'll be charged a small amount for each piece of luggage. Allow 45 minutes to an hour for the trip.

Signs in the terminal will guide you to the nearest taxi stand, where you'll need to wait in line for a cab.

For more information on using les taxis parisiens, including links to cab telephone numbers and an online fare calculator, see our Paris Taxis article.

BELOW: An illuminated Paris taxi sign. (Green means "vacant," and amber-red means "occupied.")


Airport shuttles

Shuttle companies offer door-to-door service between Charles de Gaulle Airport and city addresses. Travel is in shared vans or minibuses, so the trip may take longer than going by taxi, although you'll avoid standing in line.

Parishuttle charges €16 to €25 per adult passenger, depending on how many people are traveling together.

Paris Airport Shuttle charges €17 to €30, with a €3 surcharge in the early morning or late evening.

Both companies can supply private transfers at a higher cost.

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