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Paris RER 2019

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ABOVE: A passenger on the upper deck on an RER Line C train.

RER tickets and trains

Buying tickets within Paris

Single-trip "T+" Métro and RER tickets are interchangeable within the city of Paris (more specifically, in zones 1 and 2 of the Métro/RER network).

You can buy individual tickets for  €1,90 or discounted carnets of 10 tickets from vending machines in Métro and RER stations, using coins or a credit card.

You can also use tickets from your carnet on public buses or trams. However, you can't transfer between the Métro/RER and buses or trams (or vice versa).

 Your ticket is valid for 90 minutes from the time it's stamped.

For details on the current generation of tickets and carnets, including transfer information, see the RATP's  "T+ tickets" page.

RER travel to (or from) the suburbs

For travel beyond the city limits, you'll need a point-to-point ticket. The fare depends on how far you're traveling. Check the zone map in the RER station or indicate your destination to the counter clerk when buying your ticket.

Better yet, use the RER's automated vending machines. The newer machines are easy to use; just pick your language and follow the instructions.

Paris-Visite and other RATP travel passes are valid on the RER, though you'll need to pay a supplement if you're traveling beyond the zones indicated on your pass. For more information on travel passes, see our Paris Métro Tickets page.

Riding RER trains

After you've bought your ticket, go to the entrance gates or turnstiles. Insert your ticket into the slot with the magnetic side down. After you've gone through the turnstile, retrieve your ticket (which will be ejected by a slot on top of the divider).

Keep the ticket with you, since you'll need it to exit through the turnstiles at your destination.

Using a Paris-Visite pass is just like using a cardboard ticket: Insert the small plastic "coupon" or ticket that comes with your pass into the turnstile, retrieve it, and keep it with you. (Warning: If you use the pass on a bus, don't punch it in the validation machine; show it to the driver instead.)

Once you're inside the turnstiles, you can proceed to the platforms, where video monitors or electronic signboards have train information.


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