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Paris Taxis 2019

How to use taxicabs in Paris, France

Paris taxi sign

ABOVE: A vacant taxi parisien in traffic.

First, a confession: We haven't ridden a Parisian taxi in decades--not merely out of thrift, but because we'd rather walk or take the Métro, and traveling light with wheeled luggage makes cabs unnecessary most of the time.

Just as important, using taxis can be frustrating (not to mention environmentally insensitive) in a city like Paris where traffic is often congested.

Still, taxis do run 24 hours a day, unlike most forms of public transportation in Paris. And when you need a taxi, it's nice to know how the system works. Here, then, is a basic introduction to les taxis parisiens:

Finally, here's how to know whether a taxi is vacant or unavailable:

For more information on using taxis in Paris (including a list of taxi stands, a fare calculator, and other third-party resources), see the annotated Web links on the next page.

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Photographer: Jacques Lebar.
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