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Passport Visa Express our partner

Our partner, Passport Visa Express, offers two useful services for travelers who are pressed for time:

Expediting of U.S. passports.
If you're an American citizen who needs a passport on extremely short notice, the staff of Passport Visa Express can get your application processed in 24 hours or less (plus FedEx shipping time). You'll pay a service fee, but the cost is well worth it if the alternative is a cancelled trip or a missed last-minute travel opportunity. For more information, use this drop-down menu:


Travel visas.
If you're an American citizen or foreign national and are traveling to countries that require visas, Passport Visa Express will hand-carry your passport and visa applications to foreign consulates and wait for the documents to be processed. This service is especially handy if you need more than one visa, or if your departure date isn't far off. For more information, use this drop-down menu:

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