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Renault Eurodrive short-term leasing
for students, professors, and teachers


Above: Four views of the economical Renault Clio.

Archived article

This Renault Eurodrive promotion is no longer in effect as of January, 2010.

Renault Eurodrive offers short-term tourist leases (also known as "purchase-repurchase" programs) that can offer significant savings over traditional European car rentals.

Unlike rentals, Renault Eurodrive rates are tax-free--an important consideration in countries where traditional rentals may include a value-added tax or VAT of up to 22%. Just as important, Renault's rates include zero-deductible insurance at no extra cost.

For college or university students.

Renault's minimum driver age is only 18, and there's no "young driver surcharge" for drivers under 25.

For professors and teachers on sabbatical.

Renault Eurodrive tourist leases are available for 21 days to six months--but if you're a temporary resident of Europe for academic or business purposes, you can lease a car for up to a year. Renault also offers a 5% academic discount for teachers and professors. To claim the discount, type "academic discount" and state that you're a professor or teacher in the comment box on the online reservation form.

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