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Civitavecchia Cruise and Ferry Port

How to get to and from your ship in the Port of Rome.

From: Civitavecchia (Port of Rome)

The Port of Civitavecchia is what cruise lines mean when they show "Rome" on a cruise itinerary. The deepwater port, which was founded by the Roman Emperor Trajan more than a thousand years ago, is 80 km or 50 miles from the capital. Civitavecchia welcomes more than 500 cruises a year, and half a dozen ferry lines carry passengers, cars, and freight to Sardinia, Sicily, and other points in the Mediterranean.


ABOVE: A cruise ship is moored along the breakwater in Civitavecchia's harbor.

Port of Civitavecchia with Il LazzarettoOur accompanying Civitavecchia City Guide has information on hotels, sightseeing, museums, transportation, and other topics. For more articles about Civitavecchia, see the navigation menu at the bottom of this page or our Civitavecchia index.

What you need to know about the port:

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