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Rome Fiumicino Airport

A guide to Leonardo Da Vinci Airport, including ground transportation between FCO and central Rome.

Rome airport waiting room

ABOVE: Waiting for a plane at Leonardo da Vinci Airport, a.k.a. Fiumicino Airport.

Rome's Leonardo da Vinci International Airport is usually called "Fiumicino Airport," with the airport code "FCO," after the name of the suburb where the airport is located.

FCO is the larger of Rome's two major airports and is served by about 150 international and domestic airlines.

(The other airport, Ciampino,  is used by general aviation, charters, and a few low-cost carriers.) 

Airplane landingFiumicino has four main terminals:

Terminal 1 is used by major airlines such as Alitalia, Air France, and KLM for domestic flights and flights within Europe's Schengen Area.

Terminal 2 handles domestic, Schengen, and non-Schengen flights by budget airlines.

Terminal 3 is used for domestic, Schengen, and non-Schengen flights by various national and international airlines.

Terminal 5 serves U.S. and Israeli airlines with direct flights to the United States and Israel. (Some other airlines, such as Air Canada and Air China, also use this airline for international departures.)

(No, we haven't forgotten Terminal 4--it was still on the drawing board when we updated this article in early 2016.)

For up-to-date information on airline terminal assignments, click here.

Getting around the airport:

Airport departures signTerminals 1, 2, and 3 are connected to each other by walkways, so it's easy to reach the check-in areas from the airport's railroad station and bus drop-off points. Just follow the signs and maps.

Terminal 5 is less convenient: It's isolated from the other terminals, and if you're arriving at the airport by public transportation, you'll need to catch a shuttle bus from Terminal 3.

After you've checked in, an airside shuttle will take you to the airport's West Satellite Terminal for boarding.

Airport hotels:

The most convenient airport at Fiumicino is the Hilton Rome Airport, which is connected to the terminals by an elevated corridor with a moving sidewalk.

The Hilton isn't cheap, but it's extremely comfortable, and its location alone makes it worth the splurge if you have an early-morning flight.

Updated February, 2017

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